Article Offers Tips on How to Keep Top IT Security Talent

IT professionals are at a premium these days. Those with security expertise are even more sought after. But how can an organization attract and retain IT security types in the extremely competitive market for top tech talent? A new article by CIO magazine offers tips on how to do it. That’s important given that IT […]

Who Pays Tech Professionals the Most & Who Cares

We’ve come a long way since the economy crashed a few years back and unemployment in the U.S. peaked at 10.1 percent in October of 2009. As of this March we were sitting at about 5 percent unemployment. Of course, for certain positions in the tech sector, and even outside of this vertical, there is […]

CounterPath: We Have the Energy of a Newborn in the Body of a 14-Year-Old

CounterPath Corp. designs, develops and sells software and services that enable enterprises and telecommunication service providers to deliver unified communications services over IP networks. Although the company has been around for well over a decade, Gabrielle Garon, human resources manager at the company, says it keeps the flame burning through its unique company culture, which […]

CEO at Octo Telematics Firm Offers His View of the World

Octo Telematics is a company that provides insurance telematics services. The company was founded more than 4 million connected cars and 14 years ago in Rome, and since then its devices have been installed in more than 3.7 million vehicles globally. We recently interviewed Nino Tarantino, CEO of Octo Telematics North America, about what he […]

Charity, Financial Rewards & Fun Make Granite Culture Rock Solid

As anybody with a fancy kitchen countertop knows, Granite is a rock known for its variation and strength. The same might be said about the team and culture at Granite Telecommunications, which as CEO Rob Hale recently explained to Tech Culture, is heavily involved in charitable causes, encouraging fitness, and building a reputation for reliability […]

Ingenu Personifies the Work Hard, Play Hard Motto

Do you like beer? Cupcakes? Superheros? Right, who doesn’t. Well, if these are some of your favorite things, and you’re a hard-working individual in the tech space, Ingenu may be the place for you. John Horn, the leader of this company, which offers Internet of Things connectivity solutions, tells Tech Culture what Ingenu has to […] HR Director: Our Benefits Package is Incredible

If you want a rockin’ benefits package and the ability to meet with the company CEO before you even get hired, you might want to check out, The 15-year-old company provides cloud-based white-label infrastructure that powers developer and other partner programs. That includes everything from creating secure online partner portals, to delivering trouble ticketing […]

Effortless Office Leader Explains Why He Hires the Person Not the Resume

If employees aren’t excited to go to work, then your current company culture needs to change. That’s the advice of Benjamin Gayheart, president and founder of Effortless Office, which provides businesses with a variety of cloud-based connectivity, productivity, and security services. Gayheart is an energetic leader and considers online shoe and clothing company Zappos as the […]

Flexibility, Fitness, Fun are Key Features of Today’s Best Tech Companies

Creating an open door environment in which employees are encouraged to interact with management and with each other; follow their passion; work hard and play hard; and get rewarded for their hard work with competitive compensation, flexible hours, fun events, and generous time off benefits, and by being kept in the loop on company strategy […]

Fusion CEO Says ‘the Three C’s’ Help Drive Organizational Excellence

Fusion provides everything a company needs to successfully migrate to the cloud, and once it’s made the move, to enjoy the cloud’s many benefits. Its solutions are provided through one contract, invoiced on one bill, and delivered over one advanced cloud services platform over one nationwide network, and all its services are accessible through one […]

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