Charity, Financial Rewards & Fun Make Granite Culture Rock Solid

As anybody with a fancy kitchen countertop knows, Granite is a rock known for its variation and strength. The same might be said about the team and culture at Granite Telecommunications, which as CEO Rob Hale recently explained to Tech Culture, is heavily involved in charitable causes, encouraging fitness, and building a reputation for reliability and stability. Here’s an excerpt of our recent exchange about the Granite company culture.

How do you build company morale?

A big part of Granite’s corporate culture is our charitable endeavors. As a company we raised over $8.5 million for local and national charities in 2015 alone, and we have been named one of the top philanthropic companies in Massachusetts for the last several years. Our employees are the engine behind that. Team members come to management with ideas, for example, of charities that would benefit from our assistance. The organizations we raise money for as part of our Friday Jeans Days, for instance, are all nominated by our employees. We love their suggestions, and they’re of major importance to us. Granite’s commitment to charitable giving raises all of us up while benefitting the community.

runner-888016_640Fitness is another cornerstone for Granite. Explain.

We believe healthy bodies make us more productive. Granite recently expanded and remodeled our on-site fitness centers, where in addition to standard gym equipment, we offer our employees boot camps, sponsor training for our marathon team, and hold weight loss contests. We encourage our team members to get outside, take a bike ride in our beautiful communities, and take a break that will re-energize them. Balance is key and helps keep us strong as a team.


What sort of financial rewards does Granite supply to its employees?

We have been fortunate throughout our company’s history to experience quarter after quarter of revenue growth, usually ahead of our stated goals. As part of that, we’ve rewarded our team members with bonuses for hitting and exceeding revenue goals. In 2014, when we reach $1 billion in annualized revenue, each of our teammates received a $1,000 bonus, and through a raffle, 100 of them collectively received another $1 million, ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 individual awards.

What does Granite do for fun?

In 2014, Granite hosted the world’s largest Ice Bucket Challenge with more than 1,000 Granite employees and community members participating. We hold an annual Granite Day fair, where we host the community to a carnival with rock climbing, bounce houses, contests, food, and other activities. We match that with our philanthropy, making it fun not just to work at Granite, but to have fun giving back to our community – local and national. That’s what attracts the best people to Granite and allows us to keep them.

What is your hiring process?

We focus on hiring the right balance of tech skills and cultural fit. Team members are drawn to Granite for many reasons, and the company’s corporate culture and stability are big parts of that. We hire the best, and we’re able to retain them because they believe in the company; Granite’s values, commitments, and vision; and know they play a key role in inspiring, and meeting and exceeding, our goals.

What is Granite best known for?

Granite is at heart traditional telecom company, with a proven track record for reliability and stability. Over 80 percent of the Fortune 100 companies are Granite customers, and our team members are very proud of that.

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Charity, Financial Rewards & Fun Make Granite Culture Rock Solid

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