Ingenu Personifies the Work Hard, Play Hard Motto

beercupcake superheroDo you like beer? Cupcakes? Superheros? Right, who doesn’t.

Well, if these are some of your favorite things, and you’re a hard-working individual in the tech space, Ingenu may be the place for you.

John Horn, the leader of this company, which offers Internet of Things connectivity solutions, tells Tech Culture what Ingenu has to offer in terms of company culture.

What does Ingenu do to build employee morale?

Although we work very hard, we also take time out to have fun! We have an activities committee that plans events almost every month. We have holiday parties, beer nights, breakfasts, birthday cupcakes, picnics, and have even hosted a Superhero day (complete with capes, masks and damsels in distress) to celebrate the super people that work for us. We make sure to have plenty of coffee, soft drinks, and snacks to keep things going.

How difficult (or easy) is it to find, hire, and keep great people in tech these days?

San Diego is a technology hub, and as such offers quite a bit of competition for talent. However, we find many of our employees through referrals from existing employees, which results in a higher caliber of employee and reduces turnover. Additionally, because we are an extremely innovative company with a very bright future, we are able to attract top talent.

What does it take to get and retain the best employees in an industry in which companies like Google have such a strong brand, enormous financial resources, and a culture of fun? 

In a smaller company, employees have the opportunity to stand out as individual contributors more so than in a larger organization. While larger companies have the allure of great financial resources and a strong brand, a smaller company can give employees the satisfaction to know that they are making a difference within the organization. Also, a smaller management team has greater visibility into the team dynamic and can make adjustments as needed.

How would you describe your company culture? 

At Ingenu, we describe our culture as inventive, because we utilize our creativity and experience to shift paradigms.The result is an extremely collaborative and energetic environment which encourages open communication. We also take time out for some fun, too. From executive management to entry-level staff, our employees greatly contribute to the success of the company.  Our management style is very hands-on, with the company’s founders and technologists still intrinsically involved in the implementation and execution of Ingenu’s business strategy. We offer opportunities for individual growth and encourage promotion from within.

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