Welcome to our 4th annual Tech Culture Award for 2019

Welcome to 4th annual Tech Culture Award for 2019. The mission of these Tech Culture Awards is quite simple. We have surveyed and selected companies who are looking for the best and brightest tech talent and are willing to go the extra mile to provide what they believe is the ideal tech culture.

We realize no list can be perfect or fully complete because – work cultures are constantly changing and to survey and evaluate all potential applicants could take a century or more.
To narrow the field, in order to be eligible to win, organizations must fill out a detailed questionnaire and submit a processing fee. The form itself is self-selecting – meaning, you have a good sense if you are able to answer the questions in an impressive manner or not before you even apply.

In addition, most of this information was gathered before the Covid-19 pandemic caused teleworking to skyrocket meaning many of the benefits described in these awards will possibly be modified and new ones added.

Our editorial team spent months pouring over these submissions, reviewing photos, cross-checking details and assembling the detailed justification for why each company was selected.
We further gave each a grade and summary while pulling out impact statements we feel are differentiators.

Our hope is to capture the spirit of each company’s commitment to building what they believe is the ideal tech culture and presenting it to you in a digestible format. Our biggest challenge was picking what not to share because so many applications were brimming with important differentiators.

In past awards geographic considerations were described. We focused far less on this area because it is unclear how many workers will need to go to offices in the future.

We appreciate you making the annual Tech Culture Awards the industry standard measure which separates the truly best environments worth competing for.

If your real-world experience agrees with what we’ve presented or differs, we want to know about it. Please respond in the comments below each entry.






Van Nuys, CA


Family owned and family oriented. 86% are satisfied or very satisfied. A growing, stable, industry-leading communications company processing over 4 billion call records per month with a culture of work hard, play hard, celebrate success and delight customers with relentless passion. Senior Management has a relentless focus on enhancing the corporate culture while ensuring the right mix of benefits, culture and opportunity. Finally, a great CEO ranking 4.6 out of 5 stars in a recent survey and an average tenure of seven years. 90% of workers would recommend the organization as a place to work.


San Diego, CA


Work for a San Diego “Wireless Valley” global corporation on the leading edge of 5G – enabling more rapid and productive communications. They offer great benefits, advancement opportunities, training, perks and work/life balance. Diversity and employee empowerment are key focus areas. Workers at the company for 5, 10, 15 years or more receive special recognition.
Core values are (1) sense of urgency (2) customer focus (3) accountability (4) market-driven innovation and (5) integrity


Lakewood, OH


Work for a cloud computing and consulting service company that is like a family. Workers who are passionate, have a can-do attitude, loyalty and dedication and a good sense of humor are a good fit.The CEO personally knows all 200+ employees, affording them the time, support and compassion they need.
Great focus on worker satisfaction, work/life balance and giving back.


Atlanta, GA


PGi is a leading communications and collaboration company always innovating and working towards the future. There is recognition of success, promoting from within, long-term development plans as well as fundraising and charity drives. There are great benefits and an award-winning, long-term Adoption Benefit with up to $8,000 in expense reimbursement. There are global offices in beautiful and central locations as well as a strong focus on work/life balance.PGi has a culture of transparency and embraces the ‘tarp’ concept that teaches how to use productive conflict to get/keep a team and/or organization on track.


Boston, MA


Work for one of the top cybersecurity firms while challenging convention and taking part in “Moose Tank,” a pitch opportunity where you could win $25,000. This leading-edge workplace has a strong focus on diversity and inclusion with a commitment to charitable causes. Fully covered gender reassignment surgery Also, one of the few if not the only organization with an unlimited vacation policy.


Mississauga, ON, Canada


Work for an IoT and Mobility leader serving almost 20,000 customers with a culture of growth, innovation and fun. You will thrive here if you have raw intelligence, passion, and an aptitude to learn. Employee feedback welcomed. Enjoy amazing healthcare benefits and “Tiger Teams” which get you working outside your comfort zone – even in other departments. In addition, the company focuses on educating the younger generation to code via tech-focused community events in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Finally, you could win peer selected “Your Rock” recognition as well as an MVP program with a trophy presentation.


Sarasota, FL


Work in communications technology, an area in high-demand during the pandemic and beyond. Great benefits, training and growth opportunities. Quarterly 3P (Predict, Prepare, and Present) awards honor employees who exhibit future-oriented thinking. In addition, there is written, verbal, and monetary recognition. Strong focus on giving back and on team satisfaction.

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