Who Pays Tech Professionals the Most & Who Cares

tie-690084_640We’ve come a long way since the economy crashed a few years back and unemployment in the U.S. peaked at 10.1 percent in October of 2009. As of this March we were sitting at about 5 percent unemployment. Of course, for certain positions in the tech sector, and even outside of this vertical, there is more demand than supply for certain skillsets – like those of software developers. And salaries and benefits packages for individuals with the most sought-after skillsets can be quite generous.

Indeed, a Glassdoor survey indicates median base pay for tech professionals ranges from $123,331 to $140,000. The companies with the most generous salaries for tech workers include Walmart eCommerce, Box, Twitter, Facebook, Cadence Design Systems, Guidewire, Amazon Lab126, VMware, Google, and Juniper Networks, according to a recent article by InformationWeek.

With companies in various verticals undergoing digital transformations there is plenty of call for tech types both within the tech sector and elsewhere. In addition to high tech, the financial and health care verticals offer the most lucrative opportunities for tech workers, according to the article, which indicates that product managers and software engineers are among the most well-compensated tech titles.

And a March IEEE article references job search firm Dice as saying that there’s no salary gap between women and men in tech when people from both groups are compared based on equal experience, education, and job titles. The Dice Salary Survey also suggests that while increased compensation is the top motivator for both men and women tech professionals, it’s slightly less important for woman than it is for men. Challenging assignments, flexible hours, telecommuting options, and training and certification courses of the other top motivators for both male and female tech professionals, in that order, Dice reports.

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