Article Offers Tips on How to Keep Top IT Security Talent

IT professionals are at a premium these days. Those with security expertise are even more sought after. But how can an organization attract and retain IT security types in the extremely competitive market for top tech talent?

A new article by CIO magazine offers tips on how to do it. That’s important given that IT workers on average stay only three years with a given gig.

Of course, many of the tips provided by CIO magazine could apply to just about any title. But they are important nonetheless.

For example, everybody likes to feel like they’re moving forward in life, and has the potential to earn more money. IT security professionals are no different. That said, it’s no surprise that the CIO piece by Ryan Francis suggests that businesses provide IT security workers with opportunities for career development.

blogging-336376_640Providing employees with feedback and guidance on how to improve is also beneficial both to the employer and to the worker. Most people tend to like constructive feedback because it makes them feel their work matters, and it helps them know where they excel and where they could improve. And, as they say, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.

Most people also tend to like some variation in what they do. So, as the article notes, employees may be more engaged if they have an opportunity to work on different projects. As they say, variety of the spice of life.

Of course, stress is an unavoidable part of work – and of life. And the stress of addressing security, and keeping quiet about sensitive information, can compound the weight on an employees’ shoulders, notes the CIO piece, which suggests organizations provide IT security professionals with an outlet to vent.

Training employees on how to approach stressful situations, giving workers opportunities for training, promoting work-life balance, keeping the job interesting, and offering them metrics to measure success can also be useful to both employees and employers, as the article notes.

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