Broadvoice Expands Worker Benefits

By Paula Bernier Outspoken filmmaker Michael Moore’s documentary “Where to Invade Next” – which is about how government is benefitting regular folks in other parts of the world –  features a bit about the generous time off and pay policies in Italy. A couple in the movie talks about how Italians are guaranteed 30 to […]

Reports Analyze Tech Employment in 2016

By Paula Bernier The recently published Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Situation report indicates that 79,300 IT services jobs were created in 2016. That made it the leading gainer in the tech sector, according to CompTIA, which recently issued an analysis of the report. “Employment in other information services, including search portals, expanded by 2,400 […]

SWAG Comments on Female Underrepresentation in Tech

By Paula Bernier We’ve heard it before, and we’ll hear it again: Women are under represented in tech at all levels. Many sources indicate that the reason for that is a mix of nature (in this case, the nature of the male-dominated workforce and management) and nurture (how women are raised, how they perceive themselves, […]

Effortless Office Leader Explains Why He Hires the Person Not the Resume

If employees aren’t excited to go to work, then your current company culture needs to change. That’s the advice of Benjamin Gayheart, president and founder of Effortless Office, which provides businesses with a variety of cloud-based connectivity, productivity, and security services. Gayheart is an energetic leader and considers online shoe and clothing company Zappos as the […]

HR VP Discusses GENBAND’s Culture of Connectedness

This Tech Culture blog provides an opportunity for TMC to highlight how businesses in our industry build strong teams, create environments in which employees are encouraged to collaborate, and keep those workers engaged over the long term. It’s also a chance for us to promote the new TMCnet Tech Culture Award. So how does a […]

Flexibility, Fitness, Fun are Key Features of Today’s Best Tech Companies

Creating an open door environment in which employees are encouraged to interact with management and with each other; follow their passion; work hard and play hard; and get rewarded for their hard work with competitive compensation, flexible hours, fun events, and generous time off benefits, and by being kept in the loop on company strategy […]

Fusion CEO Says ‘the Three C’s’ Help Drive Organizational Excellence

Fusion provides everything a company needs to successfully migrate to the cloud, and once it’s made the move, to enjoy the cloud’s many benefits. Its solutions are provided through one contract, invoiced on one bill, and delivered over one advanced cloud services platform over one nationwide network, and all its services are accessible through one […]

PanTerra CEO Explains What His Company Has That Google Doesn’t

Artie Chang is president and CEO of PanTerra Networks, a provider of secure unified cloud services for mid-market enterprises. He gave a fantastic presentation titled “Business Analytics: Changing Employee Performance and Business Interactions” at ITEXPO earlier this year, so I thought Chang would be an interesting person to speak with about company culture. Chang is […]

Marketing VP Tells Telinta’s Corporate Culture Story

Anthony Stiso is about as personable a guy as you’re ever going to meet. If everyone at Telinta Inc. is half as nice as he is, this company has a good thing going. That’s why we decided to interview Stiso, the vice president of marketing and sales at Telinta, which offers white-label cloud-based solutions that […]

VoIP Logic Engages Employees via Transparency, Encouraging Individuality‬

Managing and keeping everyone engaged in a distributed workforce can be a real challenge. But with the right culture and team in place, achieving a high level of communication and cohesion is definitely possible. That’s the experience of Micah Singer, CEO of VoIP Logic, and a standing columnist for TMC’s INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine. VoIP Logic […]

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