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Reports Offer Conflicting Views on Uber Diversity

By Paula Bernier Is Uber an innovator that has also been a pioneer within the tech industry in its hiring people of color? Or is the ride-sharing company one that discriminates against women and minorities, and that generally has such a high-pressure (and possibly racist) culture that at least one employee has resorted to suicide? […]

Google, Howard University Open New Chapter

By Paula Bernier While many Silicon Valley companies over the years have come out with diversity reports and talked about their interest and efforts in providing more workplace opportunities and support for minorities, a recent Venture Beat article by Paul Sawers says there’s been little actual advancement in diversity on this front. Recognizing this, Google […]

SWAG Comments on Female Underrepresentation in Tech

By Paula Bernier We’ve heard it before, and we’ll hear it again: Women are under represented in tech at all levels. Many sources indicate that the reason for that is a mix of nature (in this case, the nature of the male-dominated workforce and management) and nurture (how women are raised, how they perceive themselves, […]

Women, Minority Lawyers Make Small Gains

By Paula Bernier Women and minorities are making small and slow gains at major American law firms, according the National Association for Law Placement. In 2016 women made up 22.13 percent law firm partners at major U.S. firms. That number was 21.46 percent in 2015. Meanwhile, women occupied about 45 percent of major law firm […]

TaskRabbit CEO Pushes for Workplace Diversity

By Paula Bernier It’s one thing to talk about increasing diversity at your company. It’s another to both recognize there’s a need to take steps to better balance opportunity and representation for different types of people, and then put the processes, goals, and measurements in place to make that reality at your organization. That’s what […]

Women Reject Idea They Should Obscure Their Genders to Advance in Tech

By Paula Bernier On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. That’s the verbage from one of my favorite cartoons. I just looked it up and was reminded it first appeared in The New Yorker toward the middle of 1993. Of course, the same could said about the internet relative to men and women. For […]

Pandora Commits to Increasing Employees of Color

By Paula Bernier At a time in which the U.S. presidential election has stoked racist and misogynist sentiment, a recent blog on diversity from online radio company Pandora is music to our ears. The blog notes that millennials now constitute the largest generation, and this generation is the most ethnically, racially, and LGBTQ diverse one. […]

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