OITVOIP Miami Lakes, FL http://oit.co   Summary: A woman-owned business, OIT VoIP boasts a 50% minority workforce.  The company dedicates resources to supporting several philanthropic organizations, including Train Our Troops, Toys for Tots, The Mavuno Project, Tim Tebow Foundation, and Family Promise. What products or services does your company produce? UCaaS How long has your company […]


Exabeam Foster City, CA http://www.exabeam.com   Summary: Exabeam has placed high importance on creating a diverse and inclusive culture. The company’s ExaGals program focuses on supporting and empowering the women of Exabeam, as well as women in the technology community at large, with career development, education and personal growth opportunities. Results are proven by significant […]


Cyvatar Irvine, CA http://www.cyvatar.ai   Summary: A DEI mindset is embedded into Cyvatar’s corporate culture through constant updating to keep pace with current issues, cultures, and generations. With its DE&I partner, Cyvatar holds regular workshops and conducts regular assessments to ensure the best possible employee experiences.   What products or services does your company produce? […]

Full Circle Insights

Full Circle Insights San Mateo, CA www.fullcircleinsights.com Grade: A   Summary: At Full Circle Insights, the company employs a gender diversity initiative modeled on the NFL’s Rooney Rule, ensures that at least two qualified women are interviewed for all open positions. In addition, the company actively seeks to achieve diversity in its workforce as part of […]


Vodafone Berkshire, UK www.vodafone.com Grade: A   Summary: At Vodafone, their timeline of diversity success deserves tremendous admiration – they can be a model organization for others to follow: 2008: One of the first global companies to externally declare a gender target 2010: Begins hiring male and female graduates in equal numbers 2014: Connected Women […]


Aeris Santa Clara, CA www.aeris.com Grade: A   Summary: Aeris Group provides a structured program for women helping women advance careers. The program was designed for learning, networking, etc. Activities include lectures about techniques that women can leverage to succeed. What products or services does your company produce? Aeris is an IoT technology partner with […]

Reports Offer Conflicting Views on Uber Diversity

By Paula Bernier Is Uber an innovator that has also been a pioneer within the tech industry in its hiring people of color? Or is the ride-sharing company one that discriminates against women and minorities, and that generally has such a high-pressure (and possibly racist) culture that at least one employee has resorted to suicide? […]

FCC to Form Committee on Diversity & Digital Empowerment

By Paula Bernier The Federal Communications Commission says it plans to create a committee aimed at improving diversity in the communications industry and eliminating inequality in the online arena. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced plans for the Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment yesterday. “Every American should have the opportunity to participate in the […]

Employees Make Their Voices Known Through Petitions

By Paula Bernier When footage came to light of Donald Trump talking about grabbing women’s private parts and kissing them without their consent, people flocked to the streets to march in protest. When President Trump signed the executive order on immigration, demonstrators likewise turned out in force to condemn the move. Turns out our new […]

Google, Howard University Open New Chapter

By Paula Bernier While many Silicon Valley companies over the years have come out with diversity reports and talked about their interest and efforts in providing more workplace opportunities and support for minorities, a recent Venture Beat article by Paul Sawers says there’s been little actual advancement in diversity on this front. Recognizing this, Google […]

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