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Summary: A woman-owned business, OIT VoIP boasts a 50% minority workforce.  The company dedicates resources to supporting several philanthropic organizations, including Train Our Troops, Toys for Tots, The Mavuno Project, Tim Tebow Foundation, and Family Promise.

What products or services does your company produce?


How long has your company been in business?

11 Years (since 2011)

What specific diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives has your company undertaken? Please include documentation from company handbooks or policy manuals.

OIT VoIP is part of the following organizations: Train Our Troops, Toys for Tots, The Mavuno project, Tim Tebow Foundation, and Family Promise.

The company provides training and internships at local schools in Miami and looks to help minority groups. They provide free training and resources for Veterans.

In addition, all employees must undergo yearly Diversity and inclusion trainings.

Does your company offer training for current managers to ensure they are employing inclusionary hiring practices, and are they held accountable for doing so?

Yes, the company provides yearly trainings on the following topics:

  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention
  • Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace
  • Managing Bias

Explain how your diversity programs have evolved over time?

The company provides feedback surveys and ongoing training to current and new employees. They also support various organizations and provide donations throughout the year. The organizations include:

  • Train Our Troops
  • Toys for tots
  • The Mavuno project
  • Tim Tebow Foundation
  • Family Promise

Please detail the success of your diversity programs? Include statistics supporting an increase in hiring or promotions of those in under represented communities in your response.

OIT VoIP is a woman-owned business with over 50% minority employees. They support veterans in their communities and provide free training as well as monetary donations to various non-profit organizations.

How do you measure the success of your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives?

Job retention, job satisfaction and having diversity across all organization levels

Specifically when it comes to people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, veterans, the disabled, and members of other social identity groups, what specific steps have you taken to encourage applicants from these communities to seek employment with your company?

OIT VoIP provides free training and resources to minority groups, as well as internships. The company’s former VP of Partner Development Sean Lardo was a nine-year veteran and the company is a big contributor to the Train Our Troops non-profit.

What steps are you taking to ensure representation of under represented groups in management and board-level positions?

The company looks at providing internships to members of the Train Our Troops organization and other minority groups, as well as providing training resources.

Do you have any initiatives to give back to underprovided communities? What about other minority groups?

Current initiatives include OIT Ready and OIT Gives, which help those in need, as well as sponsoring Train Our Troops Each year which is an organization that provides U.S. veterans, and their spouses, with advanced online training and certification in business.

Are there other initiatives your organization supports to help equip people in disadvantaged communities to better compete for tech-related careers?

Yes – Train Our Troops, Toys for tots, The Mavuno Project, Tim Tebow Foundation, and Family Promise

What specific plans are in place at your organization to help you become even more diverse in the future?

Ongoing training and partnerships with other non-profit organizations.

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