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Summary: At Full Circle Insights, the company employs a gender diversity initiative modeled on the NFL’s Rooney Rule, ensures that at least two qualified women are interviewed for all open positions. In addition, the company actively seeks to achieve diversity in its workforce as part of its values.

What products or services does your company produce?

Full Circle Insights delivers marketing performance management solutions that provide actionable intelligence with funnel analytics and attribution data to optimize the marketing mix and drive more revenue for both Reponse-Based and Account-Based marketing.  The company’s cloud-based products are built natively on the Salesforce App Cloud and are compatible with the leading marketing automation solutions.

How long has your company been in business?

Full Circle Insights was founded in 2010?

What specific diversity initiatives has your company undertaken? Please include documentation from company handbooks or policy manuals.

The company employs a gender diversity initiative modeled on the NFL’s Rooney Rule, ensures that at least two qualified women are interviewed for all open positions. In addition, the company actively seeks to achieve diversity in its workforce as part of its values.

The company manual prohibits discrimination and harassment against employees, applicants for employment, individuals providing services in the workplace pursuant to a contract, interns, volunteers based on their actual or perceived race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, Civil Air Patrol status, military and veteran status, and any other consideration protected by federal, state or local law, by any employee, contractor, vendor, customer or visitor.

Does your company offer training for current managers to ensure they are employing inclusionary hiring practices, and are they held accountable for doing so?

The company provides training to all employees to ensure that they understand the rules prohibiting discrimination. Frequent meetings and team-building initiatives provide a venue for communicating Full Circle’s commitment to diversity and assessing compliance with diversity programs.

In addition, the company uses the V2MOM method to advance its values, which include diversity. V2MOM stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles and Measures. It’s a method that was developed by Marc Benioff at Salesforce. It involves annually assessing progress toward achieving the company’s vision and values and outlining specific objectives, strategies and methods each year. Through V2MOM, the company renews its commitment to diversity annually.


Explain how your diversity programs have evolved over time?

In the beginning, the original founders’ strong commitment to diversity and the small number of employees ensured compliance without many formal measures. As the company grew, Full Circle’s management team put more formal diversity programs in place, identifying objectives and providing formal training to ensure compliance.

Please detail the success of your diversity program? Include statistics supporting an increase in minority hiring or promotions in your response.

The company has seen continuous growth in diversity over the past year with its existing initiatives. Currently (December 2016), people of color represent 17% of the workforce, up from representing only 4% in December 2015. Women currently make up 44% of the workforce, which has remained constant over the past year. Additionally, women hold more than half of the senior executive positions, including the CEO role.

How do you measure the success of your diversity initiatives?

Company officers frequently review Full Circle Insight’s diversity status and develop new avenues of outreach to ensure that the company’s workforce diversity continues to grow, using the V2MOM method described in #4. In addition, the company follows the tech equivalent of the Rooney Rule (described in #3) to ensure that women have access to opportunities in the executive ranks.

Specifically, when it comes to people of color, the LGBTQ community, the disabled and others – what specific steps have you taken to encourage applicants from these communities to seek employment with your company?

Full Circle Insight’s executive team is committed to the diversity of the company’s workforce and have actively recruited people of color, which has resulted in a significant increase in diversity on the Full Circle Insights team.

How do you ensure representation of these groups in management and board-level positions?

In addition to ensuring at least two qualified women are interviewed for every open position, Full Circle Insights seeks qualified candidates in other marginalized groups. The majority of the company’s executive team are women, and the lead investor is also a woman.

Do you have any initiatives to give back to underprovided communities? What about other minority groups?

Full Circle Insights made a strong commitment to social impact by joining the Global Pledge 1% Movement. Through this commitment, the company has vowed to leverage 1% of product, equity, and employee time to improve the communities in the United States. In addition, the management team is currently reviewing opportunities to assist underserved communities on a local level with offsite volunteering activities.

Are there other initiatives your organization supports to help equip people in disadvantaged communities to better compete for tech-related careers?

Full Circle Insights’ executive team has articulated this as a key value. In addition to ongoing diversity initiatives that have the company on a positive trajectory currently, additional efforts are being evaluated as part of Full Circle’s annual V2MOM exercises.

What specific plans are in place at your organization to help you become even more diverse in the future?

Ongoing hiring directives communicated from the executive team to the HR staff will ensure that Full Circle Insights continues to make gains on the diversity front. And since diversity is identified as a key value in the company’s vision and values statement, there is a mechanism for reviewing processes, measuring progress and developing new outreach methods on an annual basis, which will continue indefinitely.

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Full Circle Insights

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