Reports Analyze Tech Employment in 2016

By Paula Bernier

The recently published Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Situation report indicates that 79,300 IT services jobs were created in 2016. That made it the leading gainer in the tech sector, according to CompTIA, which recently issued an analysis of the report.

“Employment in other information services, including search portals, expanded by 2,400 positions in December,” according to CompTIA’s analysis. “Data processing, hosting, and related services added 1,600 jobs.”

IT occupations across all other industries saw an estimated net gain of 154,000 jobs.

“During the fourth quarter of 2016 a net 337,000 IT jobs were added to the economy, a strong finish to the year,” Tim Herbert, senior vice president of research and market intelligence at CompTIA, reported.

But not every part of the sector was a winner.

In fact, telecommunications, and computer and electronics product manufacturing, employment were on the losing side. Telecom lost 2,100 jobs in December, and 24,100 jobs for the year. Meanwhile, computer and electronics product manufacturing was down 900 jobs in December from November.

Unemployment fell to 4.6 percent last year, with gains in jobs overall but a loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector, as noted by contributing writer Tim Worstall in Forbes.

“The decline in manufacturing jobs isn't about trade (the trade deficit hasn't hanged much in some time), it's also not the cyclical effects of the past recession,” noted Worstall. “We have something structural going on here which is pretty much what economists have been trying to tell people for decades now. Advancing technology just means we need less human labor to gain the manufactured goods we desire.”

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