Effortless Office Leader Explains Why He Hires the Person Not the Resume

If employees aren’t excited to go to work, then your current company culture needs to change. That’s the advice of Benjamin Gayheart, president and founder of Effortless Office, which provides businesses with a variety of cloud-based connectivity, productivity, and security services. Gayheart is an energetic leader and considers online shoe and clothing company Zappos as the ideal in company culture. Tech Culture recently interviewed Gayheart to find out why, and how Effortless Office is applying this best-of-breed culture to its own business.

How would you describe the company culture at Effortless Office?

I would describe our company culture as positive, passionate, and forward thinking.

You said your company’s culture is akin to the culture at Zappos. Explain.

We are a service company. I have always believed that the customer is first. Regardless of what we are providing our customers with regards to products, it is the customer experience that will result in a long-term partnership with them. Without this core belief, we will just be another company, regardless of our product. Zappos believes in five principles to inspire, engage, and wow. If you can accomplish the wow, you have succeeded.


Tell me more about what happens at the annual meeting in which you talk about why each Effortless employee matters.

It is not only our annual meeting, but it is our monthly company meetings whereby we bring in every employee we currently have to Las Vegas. The purpose is create togetherness and to show why each of us matters. Our company culture is the sum of every employee we have, and to accomplish the wow we have to give everyone a voice individually and together.

How many employees does Effortless have?

A little over 30 and we are currently adding one to three employees per week. We expect this to increase through the year.

Where in the world are they?

They are throughout the United States. Our headquarters is in Las Vegas, where we have our engineering and core back office departments. However, we have employees in the West, Midwest, and Eastern parts of the United States.

Las Vegas At Night

How difficult is it to find, hire, and keep great people in tech these days?

We have never had that difficult of a time finding and keeping employees relative to other companies I listen to. Historically, I have rarely hired for someone’s skills. I have hired the person. If we see passion and ambition in someone, we feel confident we can teach them the rest. I have always said that I don’t care if someone has a degree other than the fact it has shown they can start and complete something. Since I have always started companies as a single person I have been afforded the opportunity to train, mentor, and allow someone to grow from an entry-level position into someone with advanced skills and experience in their relative field. This isn’t to say that we can continue this path with every position we have as we grow at the pace we are; however, we will make sure we always align our decisions to meet our company culture. Seeing someone grow is one of the most rewarding things I can personally experience.

You provided me a copy of the Effortless 2015 Brand Guidelines. How does this tie into the company’s culture?

It represents the fact that we are focused and believe in simplicity. We believe that something can only feel and be effortless if it is perceived as satisfying, rewarding, and easy. After all, perception is our reality.


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