CounterPath: We Have the Energy of a Newborn in the Body of a 14-Year-Old

CounterPath Corp. designs, develops and sells software and services that enable enterprises and telecommunication service providers to deliver unified communications services over IP networks. Although the company has been around for well over a decade, Gabrielle Garon, human resources manager at the company, says it keeps the flame burning through its unique company culture, which it says is not unlike that of a startup. Here’s more on that conversation.

What makes CounterPath’s culture unique?

Garon: CounterPath is full of fiery, passionate, innovative people! Our people give a damn – and that’s our difference. One of our values is to Have the Courage to be Unique through Innovation, and our team shows up every day with the attitude that it’s more important to be inventive than perfect. We fail forward and encourage our team to do the same. We offer a results-focused work environment, meaning leaders don’t micromanage and dictate; instead, people are encouraged to make an impact.

kicker-980267_640CounterPath is a 14-year-old company, yet you say it operates like a startup. What do you mean?

Garon: This is what’s especially interesting about the company. It offers both the stability and establishment that you’d expect from a 14-year-old company, but it also offers the flexibility, creativity, and fun that a startup offers. It’s the best of both worlds! The atmosphere is casual with plenty of in-office perks like monthly massages, free food, pool table, foosball table, and regular socials (with the best, local beer).

What do you look for in a new hire?

Garon: We like people who’ve got verve – people who want to put in a high effort and want to believe in the CounterPath story. We look for candidates who are excellent communicators, avid learners, and those who are passionate about their profession.

How do you keep employees engaged during their time with the company?

Garon: Engagement is a continuous effort on both the leader and the team members. We work on it by giving lots of face time with our people from regularly scheduled one-on-ones to fast and frequent impromptu check-ins. We also do an annual engagement survey to get a clear picture of how we’re doing.

CounterPath: We Have the Energy of a Newborn in the Body of a 14-Year-Old

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