HR Director: Our Benefits Package is Incredible

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If you want a rockin’ benefits package and the ability to meet with the company CEO before you even get hired, you might want to check out, The 15-year-old company provides cloud-based white-label infrastructure that powers developer and other partner programs. That includes everything from creating secure online partner portals, to delivering trouble ticketing systems and support services for customers that want to outsource those capabilities, to building APIs. Tech Culture recently interviewed the company’s director of human resources, Clarissa O’Connell, to find out more.

How would you describe your company culture?

Our culture focuses on the knowledge of subject matter experts. We build our team environment by developing a work culture that celebrates the shared expertise of brilliant minds with a passion for emerging technologies, teaching each other to be better and working hard when we need to get it done, and then taking the time to prepare and ramp up for the next big project. We treat others the way we want to be treated – from our clients to our peers. We develop systems and tools that we would want to use ourselves. We work each day the way we would as if our job is our own business. We love what we do, and we think it shows in everything we do every day.

How do your employees figure in to that culture?

Our employees are the culture. As a company we have a mission statement and a vision but without the people in the seats to drive that each and every single day, we wouldn’t make progress toward who we are, who we want to be or end up where we want to go. From the moment you walk in the door of our organization, you feel the culture. It’s the people, the subject matter experts, the product we represent and produce each day.

Tell us about your hiring process.

We don’t just make a hire here at developerprogram. When we interview a candidate, we challenge them to meet expectations on skill, culture, and match for company expectations. We are a family here at this organization, and we firmly believe that while someone may have a strong skill set, they also need to fit into the work environment in order to be an effective fit into both our culture and our hard-working team. This can sometimes be a challenge, as we have very high expectations for someone joining our family. Our tenure is strong, and our bar is high.  But, we also believe that is why we have such a low turnover rate at our organization. When we make a hire, we do it properly. New candidates are vetted, meet with multiple levels of current employees – and no one is hired without personally speaking with the CEO. We are proud of that, as not many companies of our size or revenue stream can say that the CEO takes the time to meet each and every single potential hire prior to bringing them on board.

What does your company do to build employee morale?

We do the typical engagement things like offer coffee, treats, and soda pop in the kitchen, as well as on-site happy hours, casual work attire, and catered lunches each month. In addition, we have a monthly birthday celebration and all-hands meetings where we openly share the progress of the company performance. We also have several parties throughout the year where we cut loose and celebrate our general awesomeness.

Tell us about your benefits package.

Our benefits package for employees is incredible. We pay 100 percent of the health/dental/vision and life insurance for our employees. We offer a 4 percent matched, fully-vested 401k program. Our company has FSA and DCA plans available. We offer a tiered PTO policy based on tenure that maxes out at 25 days a year. We have a massive amount of paid holidays, as well as a float holiday that employees can use at their discretion. We offer tuition reimbursement. And to top all of those amazing things off, we also offer an incredible work-from-home policy that allows our employees to reduce commute time while working the hours that are necessary for them to complete the tasks necessary to get the amazing work they do complete.

How difficult is it to find, hire, and keep great people in tech?

It’s definitely a challenge to find good people, especially in a large market like Austin, Texas. The competition is high. We’ve found that we are in a fortunate position where people move here thinking they want to work for one of the larger organizations here in town, but once they get in their doors, realize that they are nothing more than a faceless badge or a number. When those people get tired of not being recognized for how wonderful they truly are, they come to us and are treated like a family member. We treat them like adults. We respect their skill set. We allow their technology skills to flourish and grow. They have the autonomy to use their knowledge working with us to grow and change a product rather than just be a worker-bee. This benefits us immensely and thus leads to our incredible tenure at developerprogram.

What does it take to get and retain the best employees in an industry in which companies like Google have such a strong brand, enormous financial resources, and a culture of fun?

It takes hard work to get out there and explain to potential people who you are and what you do.  It takes work to develop a social media presence; LinkedIn, GlassDoor, Twitter, etc. We attend meet-up groups, we use word-of-mouth. Most of our employees come from internal referrals and for that, we are grateful that our existing employees have enough confidence in us that they are willing to tell their previous co-workers, peers, and associates that they should be working with us, rather than elsewhere.


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