Top 8 Reasons to Apply for the 2016 Tech Culture Award


So, you’ve heard about the 2016 TMC Tech Culture Award. Let’s review the reasons why your company should apply for this prestigious award.

You can’t win if you don’t apply!

  1. Impress and attract top technology applicants

Naming your company as a winner of the Tech Culture Award will display your commitment and ingenuity when it comes to your company’s work environment. Top talent is seeking companies that provide a great work-life and will be increasingly interested in applying for your positions.

  1. Increase buzz about your company

Promote your brand and culture in the news with a complete public relations campaign based upon your dedication to work-life excellence.

  1. Affirm your commitment to current employees

Keeping your current employees happy is one of the top reasons you have such an exceptional culture in the first place. Winning the Tech Culture Award will reinforce your commitment to keeping your employees engaged and enthusiastic about working for your company.

  1. Receive Tech Culture Award logo to for marketing collateral

Showcase your award-winning status to prospective employees, investors, or partners by displaying the Tech Culture Award logo on your materials to put a finishing touch on your messaging.

  1. Distinguish your brand as forward thinking and innovative

The Tech Culture Awards honor only the best and most progressive organizations who are changing the way employees work. This distinctions will transfer to the way your company does business and solves real world problems.

  1. Receive handsome trophy to display in the office

Impress everyone who enters the office with a handsome “Envy” trophy on display showcasing your award-winning status, your commitment to cultural excellence, and your dedication to creative innovation.

  1. Impress internal stakeholders

Your commitment to attracting and retaining top talent will impress your stakeholders, providing them with confidence that the organization employs the best and brightest in the industry.

  1. Be listed amongst other top brands

By being on the Tech Culture Award list, your organization will be listed alongside other leading brands, elevating your position in the marketplace.

We can go on, but we don’t want to take any more time away from you starting your application.

Get started today!


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