Vodafone US

Vodafone US New York, NY Grade: A Summary: Multinational company allows workers to learn different culture. Focus on health, charity, worker development, training and recognizing top achievers. Core attributes are speed, simplicity, and trust. Intro: Candidates choose to come work at…
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Vonage Holmdel, NJ Grade: A Summary: Core values are “One Vonage, Indivisible,” “Before Us, The Customer,” “Innovate Relentlessly,” “Excellence, Served Daily,” “Do The Right Thing” and “Be Accountable.” Strong focus on valuing employees, room for advancement, community service, free food…
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New Award Helps Attract Tech Workers in a Competitive Market

Developers in Silicon Valley last a surprisingly short nine months  It’s becoming clear that programmers are in short supply and demand is increasing rapidly, leaving small and medium companies struggling to compete in a space where giants rule. In order to be successful, an organization must differentiate their tech culture from others….
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