NICE Systems, Inc.

NICE Systems, Inc.

Paramus, NJ

Grade: A++

Summary: The company nailed every single metric from benefits to medical – it is impossible to imagine what could be improved.

Intro: Because smart and talented candidates want to work with smart and talented colleagues.

NICE has more than 3,500 employees and a presence in more than 150 countries, as well a dynamic and fast paced culture and a passion for cutting edge technology. Our dedicated leaders and employees are truly the best in the business and strive everyday to create an engaged corporate environment of innovation, visionary products and growth. We are regularly recognized for innovation and the value our products provides to more than 25,000 customers, including more than 85 of the Fortune 100.

In 2015, FAST Company magazine recognized NICE as one of the Most Innovative Companies. When it comes to turning information overload into practical business value; no one else comes close to NICE. The consistent delivery of world-class innovation and exceptional customer service is ultimately the result of the hard work from our dedicated professionals and this is where our unique culture comes in.

Our employees are scientists, engineers, business and thought leaders, people who are subject matter experts who boast extensive experience as experts in their fields. What promotes them to do extraordinary things is our culture of collaboration. As a collective body we are deeply committed. So, we respect and listen to each other, drawing from our experiences and learning from our respective skills and backgrounds.  That’s why people want to work at NICE.

Impact statements: 

  • Our people are key to our business success! Our compensation program aims to recruit, motivate, and retain talented employees, so we all take an active role in driving the company’s success. As a result of that foundational belief, NICE makes a significant investment in compensation each year, ensuring the company provides a comprehensive package that is attractive and rewarding.
  • NICE is a "pay for performance" company where individual performance and contribution directly impact rewards. We set a high bar for performance, and we are results driven. Compensation plans directly reflect these principles, especially our bonus practices. Exceptional employees have the ability to overachieve up to 200% of the personal portion of their bonus Excellent employees can overachieve up to 150%.
  • Successful employees can also over achieve up to 120%. Further, NICE financially rewards our employees in ways above and beyond the philosophy.
  • We have a robust training program FOR ALL LEVELS. Employee, 1st line manager, manager of manager and executive leadership. See question 5 for more details.
  • We have over 4 separate tracks in our NICE University for employees and leadership alike from which to learn.
  • We offer some additional benefits that many companies do not have:
  • Company paid Long Term disability
  • Company paid Travel Insurance
  • Company paid Employee Assistance Program
  • Legal and Pet Insurance
  • Game Room
  • Generous Paternity Leave
  • Our company insurance plans now include benefits for children with disabilities such as autism and ADHD, greatly reducing the financial burden on the parents for the care and therapy needed.
  • 93% of workers say people on their team support one another in the work they do.
  • Perks: We Live Well at NICE!


Our people are key to our business success! Our compensation program aims to recruit, motivate, and retain talented employees, so we all take an active role in driving the company’s success. As a result of that foundational belief, NICE makes a significant investment in compensation each year, ensuring the company provides a comprehensive package that is attractive and rewarding. To ensure our package demonstrates competitiveness and fairness, NICE benchmarks compensation externally and internally. The three main factors that determine the compensation levels are:

Role & Location – Each role is compared to the local market for a reference benchmark

Performance – High performing employees can earn higher bonus and merit increases

Strategy – Critical roles i.e., Cloud skills that align to NICE’s overall strategy earn higher compensation

Also, NICE is a "pay for performance" company where individual performance and contribution directly impact rewards. We set a high bar for performance, and we are results driven. Compensation plans directly reflect these principles, especially our bonus practices. Exceptional employees have the ability to overachieve up to 200% of the personal portion of their bonus Excellent employees can overachieve up to 150% Successful employees can also over achieve up to 120%. Further, NICE financially rewards our employees in ways above and beyond the philosophy. 

Advancement Opportunities:

We are deeply dedicated to employees self actualizing in their roles at NICE. Advancement is defined in a multitude of ways.

Advancement in Career

  • The most obvious method of advancement is growth upward in a career or managerial way. We offer opportunities for promotion that are applied objectively and across our businesses.
  • One method is through internal mobility. A position is available and an employee applies to the role which is of a higher level managerially. The employee has the opportunity to meet with management and if selected, is advanced.
  • Another method is through reorganization. A position is created through a reorganization, employees are reviewed, interviewed and selected through a formal process.
  • Advancement in skills.
  • We have a robust training program FOR ALL LEVELS. Employee, 1st line manager, manager of manager and executive leadership. See question 5 for more details.
  • Advancement in complexity.
  • With growth opportunities throughout the company, employees can find continued challenges with our complex product set.
  • Advancement in development.
  • Leaders and employees alike are encouraged to build individual development plans that help them pursue both educational and professional goals and ambitions.

Training opportunities:

NICE offers comprehensive training for our team members from multiple dimensions. We ensure access to both structured and unstructured programs to help our employees self actualize personally and professionally regardless of their level. We have over 4 separate tracks in our NICE University for employees and leadership alike from which to learn.

  • Our School of Professional Excellence: Our Skill Ability training program includes a range of onsite and web based courses designed and updated according to the regional training needs. These courses can be anything from baseline presentation skills to advance technical coding.
  • In the Enterprise School of Sales, we believe that knowledge is power – and that product knowledge will helps our sales reps achieve their extensive sales goals. Our tutorials are designed so that our reps can better understand the challenges facing our customers, and the NICE solutions that meet those challenges head on. Better understanding of NICE products build their confidence, strengthens their selling skills, and assists them in overcoming customer objections.
  • NICE’s School of Services is dedicated to ensuring our professionals are able to perform the highest levels of customer service. Comprised of specialized training and certification programs to provide our teams with deep understanding of the technical DNA of our products, the School of Services also affords tailored training programs based on specific requirements requested from our population.
  • The NICE School of Management is the foundation for our “Lead the NICE Way (LTNW)” Model. This managerial and leadership training platform develops managers and helps them increase their business impact by treating management as a profession. LTNW programs are based on our Competencies Model, which offers a set of behaviors for successful managerial performance and leadership at NICE. This tool supports leaders’ daily interactions with employees, colleagues and managers, and its intention is to set expectations, leverage relationships, and enable them to enhance their impact on the organization, and on their team members.

Medical benefits:

NICE is a champion of strong medical benefits for our employees. We have a comprehensive choice of Medical plan options, such as:

•NICE Health Fund Plan (with a significant employer match to employee contributions to HSA account)


•Kaiser HMO (California Only)

•To ensure that our employees are afforded the most comprehensive care for their well-being, NICE offers the following additional benefits:

•HSA/FSA (the fact that we pay towards your HSA plan)

•Long Term Disability

•Vision Plan

•Dental Plan

•EAP – Employee Assistance Program: for employees or their dependents with mental or substance abuse challenges.

•Health Advocate – a dedicated resource to help each employee navigate through the healthcare system.

•Long Term Disability

•Life Insurance – 2 times salary company paid but employees are given the option to purchase additional life insurance for themselves as well as their family members at a discount.

•Wage Works

•Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance

•Hyatt Legal Plan – Discounted program for legal services, including a full range of topics from mortgage closings to civil actions

•Domestic Partner Insurability

We offer some additional benefits that many companies do not have:

  • Company paid Long Term disability
  • Company paid Travel Insurance
  • Company paid Employee Assistance Program
  • Legal and Pet Insurance
  • Game Room
  • Generous Paternity Leave
  • Our company insurance plans now include benefits for children with disabilities such as autism and ADHD, greatly reducing the financial burden on the parents for the care and therapy needed

Special accommodations:

Human capital is top priority at NICE, and we invest greatly in finding and retaining our top talent.

  • During the recruiting process, we offer candidates competitive salaries and incentives, generous relocation packages and advances, both domestic and international, sign on bonuses, generous restricted stock grants, and a robust selection of benefits for employee’s from which to choose.
  • For critically important hires, we have made numerous special arrangements. These arrangements include extremely generous relocation loans, long distance commutes and weekly housing options.
  • NICE offers telecommuting options to create a flexible work environment for all staff, as needed.

Community service/charitable causes:

Each year, during the month of May, NICE efforts our Global Community Month. Our “Make A Difference” program creates a global impact through activities in our local communities on a global level. The program reflects our Company belief that the strength and leadership of our business and core values should be leveraged for the benefit of our local communities. There are various volunteer opportunities offering activities that take into account the diversity of local cultures; preferences of different regions; and the variety of our groups, teams and offices. We encourage all of our employees to participate in at least one event.

NICE also has fund-raising efforts throughout the year. Some examples are:



American Cancer Society

Employee time off as well as matching employee donations

Susan G. Komen For the Cure

Employee time off as well as matching employee donations

Pie Throwing Contests with Executive Leadership as Targets – $1.00 per Pie.

All proceeds go to the charity of the day

International Day

Employees bring in pot luck lunches with a $5.00 per employee donation request.

Disaster Relief Efforts

Boxes are set up in all of our offices where employees can donate goods

Make a Clean Start

Boxes are set up in all of our offices where employees donate travel sized toiletries to be sent to homeless shelters

Measuring satisfaction:

Each year, NICE rolls out its annual Employee Survey, created and managed by a third party data marketing company. This is an opportunity for our employees to voice their opinions about our Company: our roles, developments; leadership, direct managers and team; and our views of what can and does make us successful in our industry. Our feedback on our business and activity is important to our executive leadership, as employee experience is a top priority on our Company agenda. Each and every employee’s voice is aggregated as collective feedback. We are proud to report that 90% of our global population participated on our 2015 survey.

The top 5 responses from our employees are as follows:

  • People on my team support one another in the work we do (93%)
  • My team is made up of people who have the right skill set, knowledge and training to accomplish our tasks (88%)
  • Manager treats me with respect (93%)
  • NICE's products are the leading products in the fields in which it competes (86%)
  • I have confidence in NICE's future and its ability to succeed and grow in the coming years (83%)
  • We also have an employee committee that rotates membership on a yearly basis. As tasked by management, this team will address all questions in our anonymous suggestion box, review existing policies and present suggestions to further employee satisfaction.

Based on survey data, some divisions often send follow up surveys to drill deeper into the findings to better understand where upgrades and modifications can be made based on employee suggestions and feedback.

Creative meeting places:

MGM Grand Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Dolby Theater, Hollywood, CA

Orlando World Center, Orlando, FL

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum, Cleveland, OH

Hybrid Hornblower Yacht , New York, NY

Fenway Park, Boston, MA

Dallas Aquarium, Dallas, TX

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA

Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA

Coca Cola Museum Atlanta, GA

Disney World, Orlando, FL

Austin City Limits, Austin, TX

Lost Pines Resort and Spa, Austin, TX

Gaylord Hotel, Dallas, TX

Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY

Sea Girt Beach Cabana Club, Sea Girt, NJ

Crystal Springs Golf Resort, Crystal Springs, NJ

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (2016 Olympics Scheduled)

And also Cancun, Puerto Rico and Jerusalem


We Live Well at NICE!

Wide range of selection of coffee, expresso and teas with all the milk, creamers and accoutrements for every taste.

Fully stocked cabinets for snack foods, decadent and healthy

Fresh fruit, yogurt bread and cheese delivered twice a week

Surprise deliveries on a random basis. Can be guacamole, can be hummus, sometimes Strawberries and Cream

Bagels and fresh baked goods on Fridays

Beautifully equipped kitchens with:

3 Refrigerators

  • Panini Press
  • Microwaves
  • Toasters
  • Dishwashers
  • Milk Steamers
  • Comfortable seating with both tables and lounge chair

Team building outings, corporate summer events and creatively extravagant holiday parties

We encourage participation in socially conscience volunteer organizations for the betterment of the employee as well as the organization

We offer our employees discounted rates via our corporate memberships:

  • Golds Gym discount
  • Theatre/Event discounts via Plum Benefits
  • Retail discounts via Working Assets

We worked with some of our customers to provide discounts for our employees:

  • 15% discount at Verizon and AT&T
  • Home/Auto insurance discounts through MetLife


Painting a teen community center in Hoboken:


Halloween “Day of the Dead” theme.

Our VP of HR painted up most of the employees in the building. She’s 2nd from the left:


Our soccer team currently undefeated in the over 30 league:


Co-ed soccer team for fall, winter & spring

Co-ed softball team for the spring season

NICE 2 See U: Bimonthly afternoon event where we welcome new employees, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and run some friendly competitions.

TGIF: Winter is gloomy! Fridays are fun!! From fall to spring, NICE volunteers ramp up our employees with our TGIF trivia showdown with great questions, snacks and beverages.

End of Quarter De-Stress: As a sales organization, end of quarter can be very, very stressful. NICE throws an EOQ de-stress party with a different theme at the end of each quarter to give people a chance to blow off steam. Games and food are everywhere while our entire team from top to bottom works collaboratively to close deals and burn stress. Global community month where every employee is encouraged to take time during the workday to provide a day of community service.

Walk and Talk! NICE has walking desks where our executives and employees commonly hold meetings with their directs while they walk and talk together to plan, strategize and execute.

Halloween Spooktacular Contest

Collaboration tools:


Microsoft Outlook






Nice Team-Line (Harnessing The Power of Services)


Xactly Inspire Performance



Successfactors An SAP Company


Microsoft Office



Microsoft Communicator

How corporate vision is communicated:

We look at our corporate vision and thought leadership as the central nervous system that guides the neurons that run through our collective company body. Without it, the neurons would be firing in all different capacities and directions, but not in response to the united vision.

The primary method that NICE uses to communicate the corporate vision first is by clearly articulating our globally linked strategy through multiple mediums to executive leadership. There are executive offsite meetings, QBRs, multiple monthly meetings/calls that ensure our executives are aligned. Our leadership team then cascades the messaging down through their management chain all the way to the individual contributor level. They do this also through meetings as well as drive coordinated execution of the strategy into individual objective both verbally and in our performance management system.

Beyond that direct chain, the communication channels are endless. Town Hall sessions, NICEWeb (our intranet), and our monthly leaders forums and roundtables all compliment the very frequent email updates and videos from our executive team to the entire population to ensure that there is a regular conduit that constantly reflects our corporate vision.

Empowering employees:

At NICE we pride ourselves on demonstrating leadership and excellence in all that we do in our markets for our customers, and building our Company for the future. The Impact Awards are an opportunity for teams to showcase outstanding work, compete for top prizes and receive companywide recognition. The Impact Award categories include:

Customer Impact

Product & Innovation Impact

Organizational Scalability Impact

Company Growth Impact

Competitive Advantage Impact Hall of Fame Awards: The Hall of Fame award recognizes, on a quarterly basis, the top achievements aligned to the following categories:

Best Expansion Deal

Best Displacement Deal

Best Customer Deployment

Best Product Release

Coolest New Capability

Best Marketing Activity Our Patent Awards: This award financially remunerates all employees who have created something new and innovative that has been successfully submitted and approved for a patent. Ship It Day: Global initiative to foster creativity, Innovation and improvement – a day in which R&D teams develop creative product related work. Employees are given the chance to work on any idea that relates to Nice Systems (Product, Tools, Service, Process , Business or Marketing initiative), and deliver it during Ship It Day, a 24 hours hackathon.

  • Foster creativity – When there are no rules, anything’s possible!
  • Scratch itches – Every one of us has something that bugs them about our products, and ShipIt is the time to tackle it
  • Get radical, dude – ShipIt puts a spotlight on and gives traction to radical ideas that might not normally be prioritized
  • Have fun! – Do we really need to say more?

NICE’s corporate culture has recognition deeply embedded in our organizational characteristics. Team members who make a difference at NICE are recognized regionally and globally through a multitude of avenues

  • Global Announcements
  • Regional Announcements
  • Regular All Hands Calls
  • Quarterly All Hands Calls
  • CEO meetings with entire employee population
  • Email blasts to targeted audiences
  • NICEWeb (Intranet) Announcements and Videos

Empowerment means different things to different people. At NICE, empowerment is based on trust. Levels of empowerment in the organization vary based on the level of trust. We look at empowerment as the ability for our employees to perform their charter and make the decisions necessary without excessive governance because we have confidence and trust in our team.

The recruiting team has the ability to craft the offers to external candidates with engagement of the hiring manager without “official” governance. They are trusted to make good decisions on offers that factor in internal equity and market pricing. Only if they are required to go beyond certain levels do they need to inform leadership and request an approval. We also have transparency. Many groups have a defined approval matrix that clearly articulates the level of empowerment for decision making across roles and levels. The matrix is distributed across the relevant organizations and levels so that everyone knows where their sphere of decision making lies. This drives a culture of transparency thereby avoiding the pitfalls of over consensus, CYA and BCC emailing.

Our account managers have remarkable empowerment when it comes to running their accounts. A prime example is a current account manager who is responsible for the success of a challenging and complex global account that is critical for NICE. Most organizations would demand a VP have day to day engagement with the customer of this caliber on top of the account manager. Yet, at NICE, this key relationship is entirely managed by the employee. There is no meddling or interference whatsoever executive leadership. Deals, negotiations, escalations…they are all managed by the NICE point of contact who has end to end ownership. The only exception to that is if the account manager requests the VP’s support.

Ensuring well-being:

Our employee handbook states that in general and based on location and business needs that the normal work week consists of 5 days, 8 hours long, Monday through Friday. Should and employee require special accommodations, we empower the manager to work autonomously with the employee to work out their schedule in a way that balances the needs of the company with the needs of the individual. The majority of our employees utilize laptops allowing the flexibility to work wherever and whenever they want.

As our employees are our most valuable asset, during inclement weather situations, we strongly suggest that employees work from home as their safety and well being are NICE’s priority.

In certain locations, we have also offered summer hours. This promotes employees to put in a little more time during the Monday thru Thursday part of the work week so that they can leave early on Fridays.

  • Most of our population is within sales and services, therefore many of their schedules are defined by the needs of the client balanced with the needs of the organization. Most of these employees are remote and work from home, allowing a significantly greater extent of personal flexibility than common in a corporation of this size.
  • The standard work day is 9 to 5. However, accommodations are regularly made for employees that require flexible work hours due to personal circumstances. See the work life balance question for more detail on this!
  • NICE incorporates Summer Hours into their schedule. As we need to be available for our outside customers, employees work with their managers to create a fair, rotating scheduling to allow all employees to take advantage of this program.

NICE has a very generous PTO policy that applies to all our employees:

15 Days Vacation to start, with accruals beginning on day 1

7 Sick Days, with accruals beginning on day 1 (Pro-rated by Quarter)

4 Personal Days (Pro-rated by Quarter)

10 Parental Leave Days (gender neutral!)

10 Working Days of Jury Duty

3 Wedding Leave Days

5 Bereavement Days

All Federal holidays

At NICE, we know our leadership and our employees work with incredible passion and commitment. That level of motivation and professionalism often equates to a long workdays, extensive travel, intense deliverable timelines … and a whole lot of coffee! Our empathetic approach to this reality allows our leaders and employees to work together to foster an environment where both individual personal needs and organizational business needs are met. We look at it from a perspective of work and life integration. Everyone is provided the assets to support work life balance. Each employee has a laptop and is provided company sponsored smartphone or contract coverage (if you prefer to use your own smartphone).

With providing those tools, from top down we all understand the need of employees to take care of their personal lives during the traditional workday and business during traditional personal time. However employees need to make it work, management makes every reasonable effort to support it.

Some other ways we promote work life balance:

Condense your weekday to extend your weekend! Flexible Summer hours

Work where you can with our flexible remote work possibilities

Work hard, play harder with our company sports teams and groups

NICE is a family, extended members welcome! Company picnics/Holiday extravaganzas with spouses and family members

NICE takes pride in providing office based employee’s with world class facilities that offer welcoming décor and style. Every office within NICE is unique to its location. In Denver you’ll find art work that reflects the outdoor culture and lifestyle, and named conference rooms that reflect our global presence. The California office is very reflective of an open concept, collaborative space with a twist of Silicon Valley style. In Paramus, our current US headquarters, employees are surrounded with a modern style, clean lines, glass doors and tons of natural light. At the end of 2016, NICE will be moving from Paramus to a Modern SoHo Industrial styled facility in historic Hoboken, NJ. Located on the Hudson, the new space offers stunning views of the New City York skyline and the Statue of Liberty, an abundance of eateries walkable from the office, bright interior colors, open floor plan with game rooms and upscale central café that we anticipate will be the heart of the office. This location is sure to please with it’s individual work spaces, many collaboration pods, a Zen meditation area, and a large kitchen stocked with treats both healthy and decadent for employees and guests alike.

NICE drives a wellness program for all of its employees during our annual benefits open enrollment process. During our benefits roadshow, each office is provided multiple clinicians who administer flu shots, check cholesterol and monitor blood pressure. They also work with each individual employee who is interested to develop a wellness plan that includes multiple preventative health measures.

Unfortunately, from time to time, life challenges our employees with difficult personal issues that can be related to illness, family tragedy or other tough times of distress. Our employee culture is one where employees treat each other like family (NICE leadership included) and in times of personal challenges, our employees rally around each other for mutual support.

Here are some examples:

NICE allows employee volunteers to donate vacation time to an individual employee that is in need.

Managers work with employees regarding scheduling and other accommodations so they may be allowed to address personal issues that may arise with greater flexibility.

Employees often support impacted employees financially with fundraising to help offset financial setbacks due to tragedy.

The company provides an Employee Assistance program that offers psychological support during times of crisis.

NICE benefits include mental health coverage as well as support for autism/ADHD treatment.


One of NICE Systems, Inc.’s core values is Winning Together. It is with this philosophy that our collective body of employees work collaboratively together to grow our business and maintain a positive and engaged corporate culture. Winning Together is not just a philosophy with regard to our internal employees. It is also strongly supported and executed with our customers.

Every sale we make is a team effort with over 8 people per sale driving for results. Each opportunity requires orchestrated engagement from multiple members of our population. These highly collaborative and deeply engaged employees each play a critical role and are comprised of these divisions at NICE: Marketing, Executive Leadership, Sales, Presales, Services, Legal, and Operations. Our Services team is renown for solving complex client issues in a highly integrated way. If a customer has an issue, Services immediately swoops in to understand the problem. Then they link in sales to help manage the relationship. Meanwhile, the distress call is sent out to the specific lines of business and the R&D groups to quickly to address the issues on the back end . The multitude of client testimonials about NICE Systems is indicative of our remarkable teamwork. Even down to the smallest action, our team inclination is powerfully ingrained. NICE had a fire scare recently in our US Headquarters. Multiple employees stayed in the building, organized themselves and searched our premises until they were absolutely sure everyone was out and safe. This is not because they were designated “fire wardens.” It was because they care deeply for their colleagues, collaborate together and feel a mutual sense of responsibility for the people and the organization.

Customer Satisfaction is the #1 goal at NICE. We have had many instances where Project Managers and Engineers work through the night in order to satisfy a customer. Our people are passionate about going above and beyond for their customers.

At NICE systems, employees are always putting the customer first with an innovative “can do” attitude! Going the extra mile to achieve company goals is not out of the ordinary for a NICE’er.

Sales Example: Creating custom solutions that have never been seen before, while working with the customers other vendors to get it “just right.”

Services Example: It’s not uncommon to find a project manager traveling directly to a customer site to offer a personalized touch on project completion. Our Support organization follows the sun to provide every customer 24×7 support for our products.

Legal Example: NICE’s ever-expanding product/services portfolio caused Americas Legal to think about how it could address the different types of offerings. The goal was to (a) address all of NICE’s business models; (b) be more flexible; and (c) shorten sales cycles. Implicit was protecting NICE’s interests, limiting liability, and having a customer-friendly agreement. The result was the development of NICE’s Master Relationship Agreement contract template, which supports the ability for NICE to sell one or many product/service offerings to its customers, using multiple business models, and making NICE much easier to do business with as a vendor.

Human Resources Example: Our HR team is incredibly responsive. Each HR member provides extensive support with fast turnaround to help their respective populations no matter what the need, time of day or week.


As an organization, our current employee population is already highly diverse. It’s a commitment we are dedicated to maintaining. From the beginning of a new search, all of NICE’s Jobs are sent to the state board. The positions are also distributed to the following locations within a 50 mile radius of the zip code: local employment offices, local veteran’s offices, local organizations/associations, local colleges, universities, and local vocational/rehabilitation centers. NICE also posts all jobs on widely known job boards such as Simply Hired, Glass Door, Careerbliss, JuJu, JobInventory, CareerAlerts and Jobsradar. We also reach out to multiple diversity and specialty websites such as:

Hire A,

US Army Transition Command,

US Air Force Transition Command Center

Disabled Veteran National Foundation and Job Opportunities for

Disabled American Veterans (JOFDAV)

Blue Suit Mom


Chinatown Connection

Disability Scoop


El Nuevo Herald – Jack Brewer Foundation

Memphis Minority Online

Multicultural Women’s Council News On Women

Senior Business Connection

Seniors Resource Guide – US Black.Com Woman Knows

Women On Business

We review our diversity metrics quarterly to ensure we’re trending appropriately and understanding any risks and obstacles to our efforts. We also post all our jobs internally on a global scale, and readily sponsor for work visas and provide relocation assistance when someone outside our region has been selected for a role.

With all these initiatives, we are committed to Diversity.


We have a remarkable history of long tenured employees at NICE. Even our current CEO, Barak Eilam, is home grown and elevated professionally within the organization. Here also is a snapshot of some of the longest tenured employees within the Company. We’re very humbled and proud to have this level of personal and professional commitment from members of our employee population:

Business Development

18 Years

Client Services

46 Years

Facilities & Administration

11 Years


11 Years

Human Resources

10 Years


8 Years


17 Years

G&A Other

17 Years


26 Years

Operations & Order Management

21 Years


27 Years


47 Years

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NICE Systems, Inc.

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