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Editor’s Summary: Work for a San Diego “Wireless Valley” global corporation on the leading edge of 5G – enabling more rapid and productive communications. They offer great benefits, advancement opportunities, training, perks and work/life balance. Diversity and employee empowerment are key focus areas. Workers at the company for 5, 10, 15 years or more receive special recognition.

Core values are (1) sense of urgency (2) customer focus (3) accountability (4) market-driven innovation and (5) integrity

Intro: Inseego is known as a technology innovator that designs and develops wireless products of the highest quality. Our popular, trusted MiFiÒ mobile hotspots were the first devices of their kind when we introduced them over a decade ago, and we’ve continued to lead the industry with pioneering 4G and 5G products for wireless end users and for the emerging Internet of Things (IoT).This reputation for excellence is what first attracts many people to Inseego. As prospective employees get to know us better, they see that our people are truly engaged, cooperative and committed to our collective success as a company. Employees are proud to work for an industry pioneer, in such a pleasant, collegial environment.

Impact statements:

  • Our San Diego office is located in the heart of “Wireless Valley,” considered by most to be the worldwide center of wireless innovation.
  • As a global corporation, we encourage all our regional offices to give back to their communities.
  • Our unique performance management program is designed to help employees succeed and grow into roles of greater responsibility.
  • In addition to our vacation and PTO days, our Summer Fridays program allows employees to stop work early on Friday afternoons to enjoy longer weekends with their family and friends.
  • As a global corporation with offices on five continents, Inseego is “diverse” by definition — across age, gender, ethnicity and many nationalities.

Advancement Opportunities:

Our unique performance management program is designed to help employees succeed and grow into roles of greater responsibility. We set them up for success with quarterly goal-setting meetings where realistic, achievable performance targets are established. Employees who go above and beyond their job descriptions can be rewarded in many ways, including promotion, pay-for-performance bonuses, salary increases and special rewards.

Measuring satisfaction:

We conduct an annual employee-wide survey, and track and report the results to prioritize areas that need to be addressed. Our performance reviews are also a valuable tool for gaining feedback and understanding employee satisfaction.

Our San Diego office is located in the heart of “Wireless Valley,” considered by most to be the worldwide center of wireless innovation. In addition to being conveniently located for commuters, it’s charged with the energy of the surrounding area, where new breakthroughs are being developed, new technologies are being tested and deployed, and new patents are being filed every day.

Inside, our offices are open to encourage easy interaction, with windows looking out at the gardens below. We provide state-of-the-art lab spaces for our engineers, including a special facility dedicated to RF testing and development.

Creative meeting places:

Our San Diego employees are lucky to live in a city with many unique, world-class venues. We’ve held employee events at SeaWorld, teambuilding days at Petco Park (home of the Padres baseball team) and of course, at our beautiful beaches. Likewise, our employees in Oregon, Europe, Australia and South Africa hold events, sales conferences and leadership meetings in a variety of interesting places.


Inseego headquarters are located on a 7-acre technology campus called The Park, which includes a world-class fitness center with personal trainers, massage, workout classes, and fully stocked locker room. The campus also features sports courts, meditation gardens, walking paths, lawn games, outdoor concert venue, eateries and gathering spots, including the popular Karl Strauss Brewery Gardens. In our break room, we provide a wide assortment of free coffee, tea, sodas, popcorn and snacks.


We stage many fun events to celebrate our victories and build camaraderie, including SuperHero Day, Pizza Fridays, T-shirt Days, product launch parties and holiday parties. Our break room features a foosball table and of course, our campus environment provides many other opportunities for fun.

How corporate vision is communicated:

It’s essential that every employee understands our corporate vision so that we can align our efforts to make that vision a reality. This begins on the first day of employment with an orientation that includes a corporate overview and continues with monthly All Hands meetings, performance reviews, a corporate newsletter and other internal communications to keep everyone informed.

Empowering employees:

One good example of employee empowerment is our Circle of Innovation sessions, where we assemble cross-functional teams to brainstorm and tackle a specific challenge, giving everyone a voice in the process.

We dedicate a portion of our All Hands meetings to a special “Years of Service” recognition for employees who have been with Inseego for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or more. Outstanding employee achievements are also recognized with a “spot bonus” and a card that’s hand-signed by every member of the executive team. We also recognize outstanding employees in other internal communications that are specific to their project or accomplishment.

We encourage employees to drive positive changes in several ways. It starts with communicating our core values: (1) sense of urgency (2) customer focus (3) accountability (4) market-driven innovation and (5) integrity. Employees are empowered to alert management if they encounter any situation that might compromises these values, and to take the initiative when they see opportunities for improvement.

We also conduct monthly All Hands meetings with our CEO and other executives. Employees are encouraged to submit questions (anonymously, if they wish) to raise important issues.

Ensuring well-being:

In addition to our medical benefits, on-site gym and generous vacation policy, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free and confidential counseling for a wide range of issues. EAP is available to everyone at Inseego and we encourage them to use it if necessary.

Closing company statements: At Inseego, you’re not just a cog in a huge corporate machine. You can take pride and ownership in your work, knowing that you’ll be a part of a project from start to finish. While our company is large and mature enough to have built a long history of success, we’re also small and nimble, which means that every employee counts.Come help us innovate and create the next generation of breakthrough wireless products! #making5Greal

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