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SummaryA culture which encourages growth and learning while focusing on charitable causes, a jovial work environment with a strong focus on family.
Intro: We’ve intentionally created a unique company culture at Full Circle Insights, one that consciously supports our vision and values. We are committed to our customers’ success, which is reinforced in our practices. We are transparent, giving employees a stake in our success and sharing information as appropriate, including our vision, strategy and actions. We aspire to financial success which is how we keep score. We put the team first, eschewing intense individual competition in favor of collaboration. And we’re committed to maintaining a healthy work-life balance for all employees, recognizing that family comes first and that it’s essential to have outside interests.

Impact statements: 

  • We openly acknowledge that it’s okay to make mistakes.
  • Full Circle Insights is committed to employee development, and we make time to find out what skills employees want to develop and to identify training opportunities to get them where they want to be professionally.
  • One unique thing about Full Circle Insights is that we require people to have hobbies — not just executives or managers, everyone.
  • We’ve pledged to donate 1% of our product to non-profits as well as 1% of equity and employee time to improve communities around the world.
  • We think work should be fun.
  • We encourage calculated risk-taking.
  • We require people to have hobbies.
  • “Family first, job second” is a motto at Full Circle Insights.

Advancement Opportunities:

We openly acknowledge that it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as employees learn from the experience. We encourage calculated risk-taking. We have defined career paths as well as undefined methods to achieve advancement, depending on the role and the employee’s goals. For example, sales reps frequently follow this trajectory: sales development rep > business development rep > account executive > manager. This path makes sense for those who want to work their way up into management since it gives them insight into all aspects of the business. We also encourage people to work with us to achieve their objectives and acquire new skills. Someone may express the desire to try something new, and we give them leeway in the form of stretch assignments.

Training opportunities:

Full Circle Insights is committed to employee development, and we make time to find out what skills employees want to develop and to identify training opportunities to get them where they want to be professionally. We frequently recommend specific training courses. In our sales department, we have a mentoring program that helps newer employees get up to speed and continuously develop new skills and areas of expertise.

Medical benefits:

We’re a small company, but we don’t skimp on providing a competitive benefits package. We provide the best medical benefits available to a company of our size through a major insurer. It’s important to us to make sure employees and their families have access to the care they need to stay healthy.

Special accommodations:

One unique thing about Full Circle Insights is that we require people to have hobbies — not just executives or managers, everyone. We firmly believe that downtime is as important as work time in keeping employees in top form and at the peak of their creative powers. Not only do we require people to have hobbies, it is mandatory for them to leave work early sometimes to engage in their hobby. It’s an investment that pays off in a more satisfied, committed, creative workforce.

Community service/charitable causes:

Since the start of the company Full Circle Insights has been a 1%/1%/1% company through Pledge 1%, a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business. We’ve pledged to donate 1% of our product to non-profits as well as 1% of equity and employee time to improve communities around the world. We’re committed to the movement’s goal of harnessing corporate energy and resources for good causes. In addition, we support employee commitments to community service and charitable causes with paid time off.

Measuring satisfaction:

Transparency is one of our primary values at Full Circle Insights, so we actively share company objectives and solicit feedback on employee satisfaction. We have weekly meetings where all employees are encouraged to share their thoughts.

In keeping with our focus on transparency, we encourage employees to submit suggestions and advocate for change, as long as they do it in a respectful manner. We value everyone’s input and welcome innovation and calculated risk-taking.

At Full Circle Insights, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to workspace, nor in packing employees into small spaces. We have a variety of spaces (different wall heights, etc.) and allow employees to choose the environment that is most conducive to their work style, e.g., collaborative, independent, etc.

At our weekly meetings, we recognize individual and team accomplishments, both with accolades and rewards. One example of rewards is our “dinner for two” program, which provides winners with a $250 gift certificate so they can enjoy an evening out as our appreciation for a job well done.

Creative meeting places:

Full Circle Insights was actually founded at a tennis club, and since our launch, we’ve held productive meetings and sponsored outings in a variety of fun places, including wineries and the beach.


We maintain a stocked refrigerator so employees can make a sandwich or find a snack during the workday.

We also bring in hot meals on a weekly basis to encourage staff to take a break and eat together. We’ve found that our weekly group meals are a great opportunity for relationship building across departments.

Our weekly happy hour affords an opportunity for employees to bond with each other.


While some tech companies force employees to work 14 hour days and put a foosball table in their break room to provide on-the-job fun, Full Circle Insights takes a radically different approach: We think work should be fun. Of course, we recognize that not every aspect of every job will be fun, but we believe fun should be normal — the rule rather than the exception.Having that said, we also have a ping-pong table that employees use during breaks to get up, stretch and have a little fun.

Collaboration tools:

The Full Circle Insights team uses collaboration software like HipChat, GChat and GoToMeeting to keep in touch. We have offices in Seattle and Portland, and use of these technologies keeps everyone on the same page and enables all employees to be included, wherever they are. But while we recognize the utility of collaboration software, we also strongly believe in face-to-face meetings and have in-person interactions on a monthly basis.

How corporate vision is communicated:

We use the V2MOM method, which was developed by Marc Benioff at Salesforce.com, to keep everyone on the same page while we grow. “V2MOM” stands for “vision, values, methods, obstacles and measures.” We intentionally create a set of goals and strive toward them to get more done, measuring our progress frequently and always being transparent about our objectives.


We’ve been active in addressing the issue of the gender imbalance in the tech sector by adopting the NFL’s Rooney Rule and publicly challenging other tech companies to do the same. The Rooney Rule is the NFL’s Rooney Rule, which was instituted in the league in 2003 to address the lack of African American representation in the head coaching and senior football operations ranks. Bonnie Crater, president and CEO of Full Circle Insights, publicly pledged that whenever the company has an opening for a senior leadership position, we will interview at least two women for the job. She also challenged fellow tech industry business leaders and venture capital firm partners to do the same. Full Circle Insights always hires the best person for the job, but because the company is open to all candidates, the workforce looks more like the community.

Full Circle Insights is always driven to select the best employee or contractor for the job but consciously considers a diverse candidate pool. As a result, both the employee and contractor mix is diverse.


One of our values is “team first,” meaning we value teamwork over individual results. While we recognize and celebrate individual contributions, we’re also mindful of the fact that no one works at 100% capacity all the time, so we believe in helping each other.

Empowering employees:

Using the V2MOM framework (see above), employees understand the company’s objectives and have discretion on how to achieve them, but they also have leeway to choose how they reach their goals. For example, the sales team has a goal to conduct a set number of demonstrations, but they can choose different technologies and solutions to accomplish that goal. One team explored new options and found a better way to get product demos in front of clients, which resulted in tripling team productivity.

Ensuring well-being:

Full Circle Insights has a flex-time policy. Implementation varies according to employees’ roles; managers and staff use their best judgment to ensure that employees get the flexibility they need while maintaining support for customers and business objectives.

It’s in our company DNA to treat each other with respect and compassion. In addition to providing generous benefits and PTO and encouraging employees to find a healthy work-life balance, “Family first, job second” is a motto at Full Circle Insights, and we have each other’s backs during hard times.

We allow as much flexibility as the workload and position description allow. Also, everyone has 15 days of PTO upon joining the company, from the C-suite to an entry-level new hire. Our PTO policy is egalitarian rather than based on seniority, and we build in flexibility to accommodate employee needs.


Three of the four original founding team members are still on board at Full Circle Insights, and we have extraordinarily low turnover. We invest in employees’ training and career development, and we’ve intentionally created a culture that values teamwork and collaboration, which is how we’ve achieved a highly engaged workforce.

Closing company statements: A great candidate would have to know that we’ve intentionally built a culture that inspires employees to work together to achieve our business objectives. She would also need to understand that we are transparent and that she has a stake in our success — including financial success, which is shared broadly. We would want her to know that we put the team first and are committed to facilitating a collaborative workforce. She should also know that she’s more to us than a cog in the company wheel — we recognize her as a whole human being and encourage her to nurture outside interests.

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Full Circle Insights

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