We Want to Hear Your Inspiring Stories

By Paula Bernier

What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World.

That’s the title of a terrific album (I think anyway) by The Decemberists. And it pretty much sums up both the world in general and the workplace in particular.

We hear a lot (but apparently not enough) about sexism and racism in the workplace, the lack of female representation in tech, the short supply of tech experts, the general chipping away of worker benefits, and the sad fact that after all these years women are still not assured equal pay for equal work.

Those kinds of things can make work an inhospitable, unfair, and unrewarding place for many of us. And, in the long run, they can make it more difficult for businesses to be successful.

But there’s some pretty great stuff going on in the workplace as well.

That includes more personalized work opportunities due to cloud computing, mobility, and telecommuting, and more expansive company policies around flexible work arrangements.

More workplaces today are also now doing their best to bring some fun into the picture. Indeed, there are a lot of companies that make special efforts to show their appreciation for employees by providing free munchies, occasional staff parties, and comfortable surroundings, among other things.

Feel-good activities can also extend to company outreach. Indeed, many organizations now encourage and reward their workers for dedicating their time to such causes as Habitat for Humanity. And that’s good for both employees, employers, and the world at large.

All of the above ties into the theme of company culture. The culture of a company is important because really reflects the kind of people an organization can attract, recruit, and retain. It communicates a key set of values to employees, customers, and prospects. And it informs the experience a company delivers to its customers.

That’s why companies like Google have worked so hard to curate their company cultures. It’s why Apple is spending a fortune on its new corporate campus, which was designed to encourage collaboration and relaxation. And it’s why Uber’s CEO moved so quickly when there were allegations of sexual misconduct at the company.

At Technology Marketing Corp. we wanted to bring some of these stories – both the good and the bad – to light. And that’s what I’ve been doing with the Tech Culture Blog.

But more than just tell stories, we want to recognize workplace successes in an effort to inspire others.

That’s why TMC established the Workplace Excellence Awards. And this year those recognitions include the Tech Culture Awards, the Tech Diversity Awards, and the Social Responsibility Awards.

Here’s a look at some of last year’s winners.

We want to hear your stories too. Sharing them can help your company spread the word about its awesome culture. And it might help some other folks along the way.

There’s still time to apply. Nominations are being accepted through this week.

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