Teamwork and Problem Solving Are Core to Synapse Culture

Team-oriented, innovative, fluid, fun, and open are the words Brent Dix, vice president of engineering at Synapse, uses to describe the culture at his company.

“We consistently encourage a transparent flow of conversation and communication; we’ve eliminated the fear of people speaking their minds, when they feel they have a relevant point or argument to make,” he added in a recent interview with Tech Culture. “This has really generated an all hands on deck type of mentality where people have a sense of personal responsibility for the projects they work on – it’s evident in the quality of work that develops.”

Integrity, quality, relentless performance, teamwork, profitability, community, and fun are among the company’s core values, but Dix said it’s teamwork that really stands out.

“Everything we do is in teams – whether it consist of two people or 10,” he said, “and we encourage it as much as possible.”

The Synapse team believes strongly in agile methodology. It gives teams autonomy. So instead of asking teams to go do something specific, Synapse management asks teams to solve a problem.

“We have found time and time again when teams are given a challenge to tackle, they unearth so many key learnings that benefit the business in other areas,” Dix said. “Additionally, they review the challenge from multiple perspectives, think through several implications and scenarios, and mitigate risks that might have gone unnoticed.”

One way Synapse fosters collaboration is through the formation of guilds. It has guilds for various topics – from hardware, enterprise & education to mechanical/industrial, marketing & creative. These guilds meet regularly and consist of those in the company who have a vested interest in these topics, want to contribute, or just want to learn more about how they can help.

“Bouncing off challenges regarding a mechanical project to someone who typically focuses most of their time in embedded hardware oftentimes results in a very fresh perspective,” Dix said. “It also encourages collaboration across business teams that wouldn’t normally occur.”

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Teamwork and Problem Solving Are Core to Synapse Culture

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