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Grade: A

SummaryThe benefits of working for a family business and a technology market leader in tracking/IoT. Salaries reviewed regularly to ensure they are competitive with market. Tuition reimbursement, satisfaction surveys. Strong community service programs. Public transit nearby while located near a hiking trail as well as restaurants, a gym, etc.

Intro: Candidates choose Geotab because our work environment in combination with compensation and technology is among the best. From the beginning of the recruitment process we showcase both the technical and social sides of our business through our Careers Page, and in-person at networking and recruitment events. Candidates who dig deeper will learn how impressive and leading edge the technology is, and how staff-build genuine relationships with coworkers. The recruitment process is thorough, and although we work diligently to qualify our candidates we also allow candidates ample opportunity to qualify Geotab as the right fit for their career. This reciprocal relationship is often noted by new staff as a key part of their decision.

Impact statements:

  • Geotab encourages and supports employees’ community involvement through efforts that have been designed to positively impact our communities by working to create a better place for everyone to live.
  • Geotab offers to pay 100% of tuition for courses related to an employee’s current position and subsidies for professional association memberships, along with in-house and online training programs.
  • Geotab covers 100% of employees’ and employees’ families’ premiums, dental and eye care and other benefits.
  • Every month Geotab‟s HR team sends a survey to ensure all employees are satisfied.
  • Geotab offers flexible start and finish work hours as long as they complete the minimum 37.5 hours per week for full pay. Employees can also work from home, as approved by their managers.
  • Geotab shows it cares about the well-being of the team by providing a generous amount of PTO, varied work-station styles, complimentary food and beverages and on-site rooms for comfort, naps and meditation.

Advancement Opportunities:

During KPA reviews each year the staff have the chance to explore their career path with their manager and prepare for potential movements. These conversations often result in Geotab covering the costs of additional learning to help staff prepare for vertical movements. When opening new positions, Geotab HR will always let staff know first, and has a process to consider internal applications before external.

Medical benefits:

In addition to covering 100% of employees’ and employees’ families’ premiums, dental and eye care, Geotab covers employees non-traditional treatments such as physiotherapy, massage (RMT) therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, podiatry, acupuncture, naturopathy, nutrition planning, speech therapy and clinical psychology.

Community service/charitable causes:

Yes, Geotab has assisted many charities, locally, nationally and internationally, with sponsorships including:


Safetynet Children & Youth Charities

Oakville Trafalgar High School Robotics Team

Ancaster Soccer Club

Sick Kids Foundation

Oakville Hospital Foundation

United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta

Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Big Brothers Big Sisters


Heart & Stroke Foundation

Geotab encourages and supports employees’ community involvement through efforts that have been designed to positively impact our communities by working to create a better place for everyone to live.

Canadian Charitable Activities

Food drives

Bike for Heart and Stroke

Concour for Cancer events

Coat and sweater drives

Oakville Hospital Foundation

Children‟s Aid Foundation of Halton

Geotab staff members raised money for the Movember campaign for men‟s health


USA Charitable Activities

Food drives

Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada

Grant A Gift Autism Foundation


Leadership Las Vegas

In addition to the above, since 2012, Geotab USA has sponsored Drake, a team member‟s son, in the annual 5K Autism Race for Hope & Fun Walk. This year, Geotab raised over $8,000 to help bring awareness and desperately needed resources to the local community.

Measuring satisfaction:

The Geotab headquarters is a one level building that meets all accessibility requirements through AODA. The design concept is modern and inviting. Meeting rooms can hook up easily to Chromecast to quickly start virtual meetings, and our training room offers a classroom-style environment with a podium for staff and visitor learning sessions.

The Software Development and Support teams work at special adjustable desks that accommodate either standing or sitting. There are innovative work solutions provided such as exercise balls and a walking treadmill. Glass walls are located in specific areas throughout the office as a noise control measure that maintains the open concept view, and each department has video monitors showing key objectives and status. The office has two electric car charging stations for staff with electric or hybrid vehicles, and it is also registered publically for use outside of business hours.

Within a 5-minute walk from our Head Office is the following:

  • Variety of restaurants, including a range of food options at different price points. The nearby Monastery Bakery & Delicatessen offers a menu of healthy meal choices including fresh salads and sandwiches.
  • Daycare center
  • Major shopping mall
  • Fitness club to which Geotab offers a subsidized corporate gym membership program to keep employees healthy and in top shape.
  • The Indian Ridge Trail, part of the Ontario Trails network
  • The woodland trail
  • Bronte Creek Provincial Park
  • Glen Abbey Community Centre
  • Oakville Gymnastics Club
  • GoodLife Fitness
  • Curves
  • CrossFit South Oakville

We have the following commuter amenities:

  • Nearby public transit
  • Online Car pool sign-up system
  • Free onsite parking

Every month Geotab’s HR team sends a survey to ensure all employees are satisfied. Surveys can cover topics ranging from how to improve our office environment (adding plants and anti-glare glass on desks) to what snacks and activities would make staff the happiest. There is also an annual year-end KPA survey, aligning with employee reviews, that asks in-depth questions about company direction, management, and goal-setting.

Geotab has run several contests to encourage innovation and participation from employees. The Geotab Blog Awards celebrates employees who have made an outstanding contribution to the corporate blog:, recognizing: top reads, top shares, post of the year, and social media shares club. In 2015, a Geotab Marketplace solutions contest was held for staff, awarding cash prizes ($500, $1000 & $2000) to the best ideas for new MyGeotab Add-Ins, Custom Reports, and mobile apps.

The Inventor Reward Program honors employees that have contributed to Geotab‟s patents. They are given a personalized leather binder to hold official patent copies, and a marble desk token. Additionally, Geotab‟s Support Incentive Program recognizes a monthly Tech Support Rockstar who wins a free lunch. This program was created to motivate our Technical Services and Customer Experience Team to do the right thing, and provide exemplary customer service.

Creative meeting places:

Geotab hosts an annual conference, Geotab Connect, for employees, resellers, and customers to align on yearly objectives and set expectations. This has been held at Disneyland, and various venues in Las Vegas, showcasing Geotab‟s passion for innovation.


Our office provides special perks such as:

An open-concept style

Meditation rooms

Outdoor patios

Nap rooms

A putting green

Two table tennis tables


Walking treadmill

We offer free coffee, tea, juice and soft drinks for consumption, light breakfast

Snack options

A full lunch on Fridays


We have the following activities:

Company-wide social events and theme days

Team building monthly events subsidized by Geotab: Escape Room, Trampoline Dodgeball, Soccer Games, Laser Tag, Basketball Games

In-office activities including board games, cards, movies and video games

Annual games room tournaments: Table Tennis, Foosball, Euchre

How corporate vision is communicated:

Geotab sends emails directly to staff and also actively posts on our social media channels (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn). There are dedicated Google+ Communities for Geotab Security, Geotab Developers, Technical Support team and a Bloggers Help Center.

The CEO leads a quarterly staff meeting to share performance results and corporate objectives. Information about product launches and other important employee and business news are also shared. U.S. and European staff joins the meeting through Google Hangouts.

Empowering employees:

Team members are recognized internally via email and during staff meetings.

Geotab proudly promotes a culture of entrepreneurship, and employs a macro-management style. Managers do not directly instruct employee tasks, instead empowering employees to find and access the tools they need, and make decisions they believe are best. However, Geotab’s managers and VP’s have a wealth of knowledge and are a key resource for staff when needed.

Ensuring well-being:

Geotab shows it cares about the well-being of the team by providing a generous amount of PTO, varied work-station styles, complimentary food and beverages and on-site rooms for comfort, naps and meditation.

Geotab encourages all employees to take their paid vacation days during the year in which they are earned. The scheduling of vacation requires advance approval from the employee’s manager:

● 1 Year: 3 weeks 15 days (Canada) 23 days (Europe)

● 2 Years: 3 weeks 15 days (Canada)

● 3 Years: 3 weeks 15 days (Canada)

● 4 Years: 3 weeks 15 days (Canada)

● 5 Years: 3.6 weeks 18 days (Canada)

● 10 Years: 4 weeks 20 days (Canada)

Additionally, Geotab has developed the STAR Recognition program in the U.S. to recognize and reward employees with extra paid time off. Based on outlined goals for attendance, volunteer hours, and anniversaries, employees are given paid time off ranging from 1 hour to 16 extra hours per quarter. Employees also have the opportunity to submit a form to recognize co-workers that are going above-and-beyond and exemplifying Geotab’s core values.


Geotab is proud of its low staff turnover rate, which currently sits at less than 3%. Geotab’s leadership team has all founding members intact, and average tenure with Geotab from the executive team is over 12 years.

Closing company statements: Geotab has a unique macro-management style and significant transparency with its employees. We trust that with our thorough onboarding program and continuous learning opportunities, combined with their technical experience, candidates are prepared to self-manage projects and make many decisions autonomously. With a flat organizational hierarchy our staff are empowered and motivated through the organization’s entrepreneurial spirit.

As a family business, Geotab promotes being an active Geotabber, creating genuine relationships with fellow colleagues. This strengthens working relationships, and is key to our ability to be dynamic and innovative in such a competitive industry. We hope future Geotabbers want to play on a team, chat about new product development in the lunch room, and grab a drink with teammates after a hard day’s work!

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