Five Ways to Successfully Create a More Positive Company Culture

Guest post by Charles Dearing, a veteran Tech and Marketing journalist


Change is hard. Business success is a constant work in progress, and making changes invites inevitable failures and successes that must be accepted every step of the way if there is going to be any real impact.

Over the last decade, there has been an increasing amount of pressure placed on companies to reimagine their direction, with a new generation of workers demanding more flexible human-centric workspaces.

Today’s workforce is defined by the Millennial generation, who expect their employer to provide them with more than just a paycheck at the end of each month. While fair pay certainly doesn’t hurt, the majority of young workers expressed a need for their jobs to align with their personal goals.

In order for your businesses to attract and retain new talent, you need to cater to innovation and growth, not just focusing on profit but new opportunities for growth and change.

1. Know yourself

While vague, a business that has a firm grasp on who they are and who they are working for attracts talent. In addition, to combat high turnover rates, companies can utilize their identities to encourage growth, allowing employees to become part of a growing project. 

Creating a cohesive brand that embodies your brand’s mission statement will give employees a sense of what they are working for and contribute to stronger more motivated teams. Investing in data analysis and customer communication is an effective way to start building a brand that will meet the personal needs of your consumers, cultivating both trust and interest.

2. Open yourself to new ways of work

Over the last 5 years, companies of all sizes have made significant efforts to create happier and healthier work environments. Employees who are granted more autonomy have been shown to be more dedicated and productive, which has resulted in some companies allowing their workers to work remotely on a full-time basis. Of course, this doesn’t work for every business, but those companies that are looking to make a change can feel confident that implementing more flexible working schedules will very likely boost morale. 

3. Encourage employees to learn

Much like creating brand awareness appeals to new talent, encouraging constant learning in the workplace is an effective incentive to attract and retain workers. This can be done by bringing in industry experts to conduct workshops, and seminars focused on bolstering employee skill sets, in addition to introducing new knowledge. In-house educational events not only bring team members together by encouraging them to interact and solve problems, they also illustrate value.   

4. Get to know your community

One of the major setbacks for corporate culture in the past was that employees often felt limited to their spaces, day in and day out. Today, companies of all sizes encourage their workers to interact with the surrounding communities, either by hosting events or attending conferences and workshops together.

Co-working spaces, designed to give self-employed workers a professional community that offers support and space to work are opening themselves up to established companies that are looking to make a change. Businesses can become members of a local co-working space, allowing employees to either work there on a part-time, or even full-time basis, in order to strengthen their networks beyond the office.

5. Make every decision with intention

Again, when administering large scale changes, every move you make should be made with purpose. Companies that attempt to change their company culture without considering their employees’ needs will most likely fail. While there are plenty of future workplace trends, like open-plan offices and fully remote offices, which have worked well for many businesses, it doesn’t mean that following these trends will be the best move for you. When making big changes, they must be carried out with purpose and meaning, intention so your employees and customers know you are serious about dedicated to instilling a more positive company culture.

Making changes can take time. As long as company leaders are serious about investing time and resources into creating an open-minded workplace environment that benefits everyone, from customer to employee, there’s no doubt the changes can produce positive returns. 

Five Ways to Successfully Create a More Positive Company Culture

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