Promote Your Company’s Social Responsibility Efforts

By Paula Bernier

Big companies get a lot of kudos for their corporate giving and volunteerism. But small and medium businesses also play a big role in reaching out to their communities and doing good works where help is needed.

And given that there are some 28.8 million small and medium businesses with 56.8 million employees, having created 60 percent new jobs in the last eight years, that’s an important thing to note.

So says David Barach, CEO and founder of Good Done Great, an organization focused on sharing the benefits of and encouraging corporate social responsibility.

“If you walk into a local pizza shop, for example, it’s pretty unlikely that their big-name suppliers like Coca Cola or Kraft, are going to be the sponsors of the local Little League team,” Barach writes. “But that pizza shop will. And the photograph of that team will likely be right up over the cash register. They’re not just supporting that team, they’re proud to be supporting it.”

That said, Barach urges businesses of all sizes to both track and promote their charitable giving and volunteer hours in an effort to let people know and encourage more of the same.

Technology Marketing Corp., a media company out of Trumbull, Conn., is working to help encourage and reward social responsibility as well. That’s why we recently launched the Social Responsibility awards as part of the TMCnet Workplace Excellence Awards program.

“Social responsibility involves the simple idea that businesses should balance profit-making activities with activities that benefit society, the environment, and the community,” explains TMC Executive Vice President Michael Genaro. “The International Organization for Standardization emphasizes that the relationship to the society and environment is ‘a critical factor in their ability to continue to operate effectively. It is also increasingly being used as a measure of their overall performance.’”

Companies of any size that can provide specific and measurable examples of programs that benefit society, the environment, and their communities are invited to apply for this award, Genaro added.

Applications for the Social Responsibility awards are being accepted through the end of May. For more details, visit

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